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Post Construction Cleaning in Los Angles 2021

The deep cleaning process after construction to remove any dust from all the surfaces. Including appliances, windows, floors, counters, cabinets, furniture, doors, knobs, handles, and frames, etc. Is known as “Post Construction Cleanup” or “After Construction Cleaning”.

Importance of Post Construction Clean up:

The deep cleaning process after construction includes removing dirt and debris from. The hard-to-reach places, mopping the floors, and cleaning up. The surfaces to remove all the cement stains and paint splashes, to make the  home MOVE-IN READY.

Even if most contractors clean it up after completing their work, but there remains some requirement for a deep clean. The dirt and debris in corners and hard-to-reach places tend to develop over the lengthy period of construction. This needs to be cleaned to make the space look clean and perfect.

Brick dust and drywall dust can damage the space if not cleaned properly, and some construction debris can be hazardous to health. This process is important and cannot be ignored before moving into a new home or business premises. Because one cannot stay in a place filled with dirt, dust, and certainly cannot operate among the trash, and construction waste.

Steps of a Post-Construction Cleanup

  1. Rough Cleaning
  2. Get rid of all the construction debris
  3. Remove stains and spots of paint and concrete splashes and adhesive residue
  4. Wipe down windows, glass doors, and partitions
  5. Remove safety stickers from glass or appliances
  6. Dust all walls, door frames, and all the surfaces
  7. Sweep and vacuum floor
  8. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms
  9. Clean the windows, glass doors, and shower cubicles
  10. Wash walls, doors, baseboards, and cabinets
  11. Dust all the holders and chandeliers and wipe down bulbs
  12. Use a vacuum cleaner to extract dust from vents and small spaces
  13. Wash carpets and clean floors
  14. Disinfect all the surfaces
  15. Touch-up clean

Is it Hard?

Before starting to take up this task. It is most important to rethink if you should undertake a Post construction cleaning yourself or hire professionals. It may seem like cleaning after a renovation or construction work is like regular cleaning. That includes, dusting, vacuuming, and polishing, but it is much more intensive.

Benefits of hiring a professional:

  • Safety

They understand the hazards that come with cleaning after construction. The stray nails and glass shards that have been overlooked. The amount of dust that accumulates and can cause breathing difficulties, professionals know what they are going to deal with and what Personal Protective Equipment to wear to avoid injury.

  • Skills

All of us can proudly say that we can clean but to state the facts. These professionals are more efficient and effective. Because they have been trained to get this job done unlike most of us. They also know the places that normal people may overlook.

  • Budget

You might think you are saving money by doing a post-construction clean yourself, but this is not the case. The cost of cleaning materials and rent of equipment can cost you a lot. In case of any accidents. This price may go even higher but with a professional cleaning crew, you pay a fixed price. When planning for your construction or renovation project. Make sure that you budget approximately 65 cents to 1 dollar per sq. ft.

I would suggest you to hire construction cleaning professionals to save up your energy and efforts along with your precious time. That could be used for unpacking and doing the other much important tasks that no other professional can do for you. It may cost you a mound of fortune, but it is worth it. It is a hard and lengthy process for you to handle at your own. Taking professional help is a much better option.

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